What are relocation services?

Our Services offer you or your employees the possibility of easily finding a new home, headquarter or production plant in an environment that is completely new and often challenging to you. Additionally we give you the chance to quickly adapt, settle in easily and feel at home by leaving the handling of all the matters of minor importance to us.

What services do we offer?

Michael Schneider Real Estate and Relocation Services offer much more than just real estate support in a foreign country or a new city. We professionally transfer your employees, their families, departments of a company or a whole business to a new work location. Therefore we offer individually planned service packages according to your needs. These contain information on your new location, individual real estate support, perfectly planned execution of your relocation. Last but not least we will deal with all authorities on your behalf and we offer a comfortable integration and family service at your new location.

Who benefits from relocation services?

Basically everyone benefits from our services. Usually big corporations and HR departments are our most common customers but also expatriate executives and their families as well as individuals from all walks of life appreciate the help of professional relocation agents.

Germany is infamous for its overgrown bureaucracy and exaggerated attention to detail. In order to make the most of your experience here and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings we carry out an extensive range of services for you, even before you decide to relocate. This is how we help you to distinguish valuable information from rumors. This may save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress.